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Glenn VadeBonCoeur

February 27, 2011


Glenn VadeBonCoeur was elected trustee in 2007. Since then he has served on the Administration and Finance committee, Riverwalk committee, public works committee and the communication and technology committee. Before becoming a trustee, Glenn served for two years on the plan commission. Glenn possesses a common sense view of the village budget and monetary problems. Two years ago when the Pedestrian underpass was being hotly debated he held fast until the project could be fully funded with outside sources. The funding for the underpass has come from private, federal and state resources. Glenn sees the future in Winfield as being one with a strong Town Center, and a thriving business community.

Glenn’s top priority will continue to be the village finances and budget. He and the current board of trustees are committed to keeping Winfield’s financial health in the “black”.

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