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Tony on TV

August 14, 2012


By Jed Skillman

Things can get pretty grim in those little towns out there. Take suburban Winfield for example…

That was the message communicated by a report on Channel 32 Fox-Chicago recently.

On the evening newscast of August 10th news anchor Bob Sirott told viewers that “Officials in suburban Winfield say the Village has to choose between smooth streets and the police to patrol them.”

Who, according to this report, were those Village “officials”? None other than our own Trustee Tony Reyes. Because no other “officials” were interviewed he appeared to be speaking for the entire Village Administration.

Given this unique platform, what did Trustee Reyes tell the Chicagoland viewing audience?

For starters he said, “The simple thing is our roads are rougher than our neighborhoods.” This from a man who was accused of assault inside Village Hall less than a year ago. […]

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Police Study Results Are In

August 2, 2012


This post comes to us from Keep the Winfield Police


The REM Police study results are in. Please take your time and read ALL of the options and results. We know that Trustee Allen is only going to trumpet his disbandment option and pick out the parts of the study that serve his argument best. So please read it, ask questions and form your own conclusion.

Also, there will be a very important “Public Meeting” with the Village Board and REM on Wednesday August 8th at 7:00pm in the CDH auditorium (main entrance).

We will get a chance to ask the Trustees direct questions and REM will be presenting their findings. Please tell all of your friends and neighbors and try and attend since I do not think it will be on Comcast.

It is our chance to get answers and let them know we want to keep our own police.

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A Summer of Storms, Heat and Petitions

July 29, 2012


By Jed Skillman

All three petitions circulated in Winfield have been notarized, stamped and duly delivered to the Village Clerk. They are now are on their way to the November ballot.

Over 5,000 signatures – 5,378 to be exact – were collected by 40 volunteers: 2,547 for  the “Keep Our Police” referendum; 2,261 to reinstate the ban on “gaming” in local barrooms; and 570 to require the Village Board to seek public approval before spending more than $ 1 Million on a […]

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Public Safety Dispatching

March 27, 2011


This item is found in the “little things that are big things” department and part of a well run village administration.

This item was approved unanimously by the village board.

DuComm, the public safety dispatching group utilized by the village, approved an intergovernmental agreement allowing the County’s Emergency Telephone System Board to proceed equipping all DuPage public safety personnel with federally funded next generation radios.  Motorola will expand it’s STARCOM 21 system already in use by state police to support the new radios.  The purchase of 21 new radios for our police department will be funded by federal grants.

Trustees Cliff Mortenson and Glenn Vade Bon Coeur are active in the public safety of our residents.

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Reyes is Also a Pinocchio

March 26, 2011


by Village President Deborah Birutis

After reading the most recent edition of the Winfield Post I am compelled to correct several misleading statements from Tony Reyes, a candidate for village trustee.

Tony Reyes falsely claims that the village has spent excess cash reserves on our automatic meter reading system, claiming that it has a 50-70 year payback. That is false. The AMR system has allowed the village to capture hundreds of thousands of dollars of annual water revenue that was previously lost due to antiquated reading techniques and equipment. The true payback period is closer to 6-7 years.

Reyes also claimed that the village spent $140K of TIF funds inappropriately. Again, this is false. A $140K transfer was made from our TIF fund – a transfer to reimburse the general facilities and equipment fund, for the down payment on the Winfield Salon property – a key piece of property for the new underpass and potential parking garage. This was clearly an allowable use of TIF funds, and was approved by both our lawyers and auditors.

Reyes next claims that the board has under staffed our police department while over-staffing administration. Another false statement. The facts are that we have 20 people in our police department now – which is exactly what we had 10 years ago. During this time, the village’s administration staff has declined from 6 to 5 people. In 2000, the total headcount in all departments was 45. In 2011, we currently have 41 employees. For verification please contact Village Hall.

I certainly did not expect that presenting Winfield in an accurate and positive manner would be a difficult task. People who spread lies on blogs or in articles to the local papers and spit out mean comments are not only hurting that individual or group, but are also hurting Winfield as a whole.

Reprinted from the Winfield Post with permission of the author.

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Red Light Camera Installed

January 23, 2011


by Karen Skillman

Below is the press release from the village regarding the newly installed red light camera at Winfield and Roosevelt roads. The camera, it seems, is on the east bound direction, a grace period is in effect until February. As someone who lives nearby on Winfield Rd, I can attest to the number of accidents, sometimes we can hear them. I hope this helps reduce accidents as promised.


January 20, 2011

Village of Winfield Launches Red Light Camera Program

The Village of Winfield has begun implementing a Red Light Photo Enforcement Program at the eastbound intersection of Roosevelt and Winfield Roads, with signs clearly posted alerting drivers to the presence of the cameras.  The primary objective of the program is to provide 24-hour automated intersection enforcement and increase traffic safety by reducing accidents resulting from red light-running violations.

Statistics indicate red light running is the leading cause of urban auto accidents.  Motorists and pedestrians are more likely to be injured severely in accidents involving failure to obey traffic controls than in any other type of accident.  Deputy Chief Stacy Reever is confident moving forward with the program will benefit the community. “We spent a substantial amount of time evaluating information including traffic data and comparing both the technology and services provided by a number of vendors.  We wanted to be absolutely certain we made the best choice on behalf of our residents”.

A 2-week grace period through the end of January introduces the program, during which time violators will receive Warning Notices, as opposed to actual $100 citations which will be issued beginning on February 1, 2011.

A comprehensive program has been established to govern the issuance of the tickets.  The video images of all potential violations are first reviewed by a specially trained Winfield Police Officer before any notices are sent to the vehicle’s registered owner.  Like a parking ticket, these violations are treated as a civil offense and will not impact driving records or insurance rates, unless the owner fails to pay the fine or to contest liability in a timely manner, which may result in a suspension of the driving privileges of the registered owner of the vehicle.  When a citation is issued and received by the violator through the mail, they will be referred to a website where they can review the still and video images of their violation.  The vehicle’s registered owner has the right to contest a citation through the Village’s administrative hearing system for red light enforcement violations.  This hearing system is a local method to judge municipal violations as opposed to going through the County court process.

Motorists should be aware they will not receive a violation if:

  • They enter the intersection on a green or yellow light which turns red prior to them completing their left turn;
  • They come to a complete stop and then proceed forward to gain a better sight distance before turning right;
  • They come to a complete stop after the stop bar (unless they force a pedestrian or biker from the crosswalk).

According to Deputy Chief Reever, there are a number of benefits associated with these cameras.  Specifically, the installation of the equipment came at absolutely no cost to the Village and a camera monitoring intersection frees up officers to focus on other areas within the community.  “Drivers need to understand that it’s dangerous to run a red light. You put yourself and others at risk in an attempt to shave a few seconds off the time it takes to get to another red light a few blocks down the road”.

Residents interested in learning more abut Winfield’s photo enforcement program are invited to visit the Town’s website at www.villageofwinfield.com for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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